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We are a lifestyle brand and movement that celebrates nerd culture! We are nerds, geeks, gamers, coders, techies, pop-culture fans, scientists, hackers, the kid in the basement building a jet pack, the one who’s always fixing everyone’s computer, and the one that still believes in the planet formerly known as Pluto. We believe that life should be happy, nerdy and above all, FUN. We were made for this life, we can feel it in our code. We level-up one adventure at a time and have fun doing it. You can say we’re!


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Growing tired of seeing the same "nerdy" tees out in the world, we decided to offer something more than pixel art and Courier New. creates high quality apparel and curates a collection of gifts exclusively for the nerd in all of us. Celebrating the real nerd culture and showcasing our passion in the real way. We’re loud and proud of our nerdy community.


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Kealin.It was founded by Keal Jones, intentional pun-maker, cold brew addict, code writer and Steven Universe enthusiast.


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We always source our products from companies that do things the right way. All our shirts are sourced from Bella + Canvas.
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Name’s Jones, Keal Jones.

I’m so stoked you’re here, Welcome!

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. I am a self taught developer and have been coding since I was a kid (although ironically I went to Design School). I’m obsessed with learning new things, coding languages, technology, anything that’s up and coming, I’m all over it.

I’ve worked developer gigs at various companies for international brands in Los Angeles, and after years of 9-6 cubicle jobs I was done. Long story short, I ended up looking for new job opportunities but my being self-taught and not having that shiny diploma, it became impossible. I kept being rejected left and right. My experience and talent were often overlooked and that missing piece of paper weighed over my head.

I soon realized that the fun I used to have while coding and designing was drained by pointless corporate projects, faceless brands and men in suits. So I decided to venture out and merge my two passions: code and design. I got to work, hustled and created this here lifestyle brand.

I want Kealin.It to be a reminder for developers to have more fun, to enjoy coding and not let the man bring you down. Because we are more than that IT guy that can fix computers, we’re creators, problem solvers and fun damnit!

Keal Jones