The Ultimate Enamel Pins for Designers Vol. 1

Welcome to our unapologetic product post! Seriously tho, we just needed a space to show off our flair and practice some photoshooting skills. 

We've been pretty happy over here at the Lab. Its pretty amazing to see how many of you like our stuff, everywhere from Instagram to Dribbble we've seen such support and praise and it's making us happy dance every hour. We're living in a perpetual *pinch me I'm dreaming* moment.

You see, these lapel pins were designed a little over a year ago and its not until now that we finally produced them for real! Honestly we thought they would never see the light of day, so right now everything is new and exciting. So without further ado... here's the story behind our enamel pins for designers.

The Ultimate Enamel Pins for Designers (Volume 1!)

When we thought of these, we initially brainstormed things that a creative might need in their arsenal. We've seen so many photoshop and illustrator tool icons become lapel pins that we wanted to create something fun and punny that was different than what was out there. We tried to think outside the box and use subliminal graphic design messages, everything that was conducive of creativity.

The sketch phase was actually pretty cool... we had all these ideas that eventually became these four little guys! 

When life gives you lemons, make creative juice and slay!

Or first idea was the Creative Juice pin, we thought it would be funny to give a spin to the popular "when live gives you lemons" phrase. That in combination with the "rainbow ball of doom" you get with every computer freeze moment. You can now sport this snazzy rainbow lemon enamel pin and represent! You can channel your inner Beyoncé, make some Lemonade and slay! Or you could also make some creative juice if you’re into that. Regardless of what you squeeze out, you will be rocking this cute little rainbow lemon, win/win.

enamel pins for designersenamel pins for designers

Draw upon the power of your brain and creaaaaate!

We also have always liked ampersands (I mean our iconic icon is an ampersand riiiiight), so we thought of making an enamel pin inspired by it. We ended up crafting this idea of a pencil with a brain as the eraser, we honestly don't know how we come up with things. In the moment it seemed like a good idea: brain power + createing = pencil...

So here ye, here ye! Sport this flair and show your commitment to the art of creating. Choose your tool of preference and combine it with your brain for infinite possibilities.

enamel pins for designersenamel pins for designers

Don't be afraid to take a byte out of life.

Byte me was one of our favorites, it's especially designed for all our creative gamers and developers out there. The time has come for you to proclaim your feelings when your computer is acting up, when you can't beat the main boss man and are clinging to your last life, and this sexy flair says it all, just read our lips ;)

enamel pins for designersenamel pins for designers

By far the punniest in the collection is Sorry Not Sorry that's literally made with comic sans (sorry designers! it's supposed to be ironic!). Boldly show your unapologetic attitude with this lapel pin that is sure to enrage and appall all your designer friends. Sure, you COULD apologize, but why should you? You’re fun damnit! Breakaway from the status quo and let everyone know how you really feel.

enamel pins for designersenamel pins for designers

We have so many more things in the works, this is only the beginning. While we are so proud that we created these first pins, we want to be bigger and better. Of course we have some Disney themed merch down the line, and some other nerdy stuff but we're taking baby steps so stay tuned, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, we promise it gonna be a fun ride.

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